Excellent Astrid the Dragon Slayer Costume for a Girl

2011 Persia wanted to be ASTRID from ‘How To Train A Dragon’ movie. This costume was challenging. I started by sketching the costume from the movie.

Made patterns using newspaper for the skirt, head piece, arm guantlets and the shield.. cut them out

Head band- i glued gems and put velcro on the inside as fasteners

Skirt- (outer layer)- made little skulls and spikes, which were glued to the skirt waist and to the flaps.

Shoulder Armor- Used poster board, duct tape. Used grey plasticine for the rivets. Velcro to fasten to shirt

Arm Gauntlets- cut wool socks, glued wrapped multi-coloured wool down  (leaving enough ties for the upper arms and finger)

Black T-shirt- wrapped multi-coloured wool around of the shirt.

Shield- Cut a circle from brown poster board, cut a slit ,fold over to make the shield stick up. Used duct tape and black paint for the accents .


– put on black t-shirt and tights  -then black skirt   -leather flapped outer skirt

– arm gauntlets and wrap the strings around the upper arms – black wig and headband

This costumed turned out really good. everyone loved it.Persia loved it. She wore this costume to ‘How To Train A Dragon’ show, that her class attended.

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