Epic Warewolf Costume

I originaly got the idea for this costume looking for wolf masks. Once I saw the mask, it was all over after that. After a lot of work and time I was able to get the mask ordered. Once that was done, I was sitting in my living room one night by myself and got the urge to build a new pair of stilts for this costume.I went out to my garage and found some stuff to build them with and went to it. Much later and a hole in my hand I had something I could stand on that made me 8 ft tall.

So now I needed some large gloves but the only ones I could find came with its own giant mask so I found it for as cheap as I could get it and bought the mask and gloves. In the meantime the company that makes the mask was out of stock so I had to have one made specifically for me. I recieved my gloves and instantlly tore them apart to make them work better and have moving fingers. Back to the stilts I need to cover them in fur and make a fur suit so I ordered a lot of fur once that arrived a found a way to make a jacket, a pair of shorts with a tail, and wrap my stilts then. I took an old chest piece from another costume and made it so the fur coat attached to it on the sides.

Once all of that came together I decided to take a warrior outfit that I had custom made for me at the Renaissance festival and put it on top of the wolf costume to create THE WAR-WOLF.

Epic Warewolf Costume

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