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Epic Homemade Thor Costume

Here’s my Thor costume, a one month experience at building armor for the first time.

I made this Thor costume because I enjoyed the fact that the latest incarnation of Thor was a female. The idea of Thor becoming unworthy to wield his own hammer was interesting to me, and was excited when I saw a woman wielding it instead.

With the exception of the wig and shoes, and leggings and tank top I used as a base, everything on this costume is made by me. The bulk of the armor was made using craft foam, covered in Worbla, which was then shaped to what I needed it to be, using a heat gun and some patience.  I elected to use a circlet instead of the full helm after I realized how uncomfortable and hot the helm would be to wear all day. I also didn’t want to run the risk of crashing into people that I might not be able to see or hear, as it limited my peripheral vision.

I added details to the Thor costume through various means. For example, I used buttons as the studs on the belt, which I then put the Worbla over. The wings on the circlet were made by building the basic shape in foam, then carving the details out, then layering Worbla over them, and pressing the Worbla into the carved details. My favorite little construction detail is that I used Pringles lids covered in Worbla to make the circles on the shoulder portion of the armor. It was the best way I could find to make a perfect circle.

After that was priming, painting, and sealing. I used a paint labeled “Hammered effect” on the armor portions to make it look like I’d been in a battle or two. The belt was made using a paint labeled “leather look” and I think it worked quite well. The cape was the first cape I ever made as well and I’m proud of how it turned out.

The hammer is several layers of insulation foam glued together with spray adhesive, and sealed with wood glue to take out the seams. And then again, priming, painting and sealing.

I was nervous to wear the Thor costume because I’d never made this much of a costume before, but it went over very well. I lost track of the compliments I received, I was genuinely overwhelmed with the positive reception. I also loved how many people wanted to do the funny pose where they tried to lift the hammer and I stood back pretending to be amused at their efforts.

My favorite reactions though were from kids who yelled “Look mom/dad, it’s Thor!” or the ones who were so shy to ask for a picture with me but then smiled so wide when I said yes! My absolute favorite reaction of all though was a little girl who saw me and excitedly exclaimed “I didn’t know Thor could be a girl, that’s so cool!”

This was my first armored costume and I am so pleased with how it turned out and the reaction it received. I can’t wait to improve upon it and wear it again!

Epic Homemade Thor Costume

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