Any chance I get to create a costume I do it! It’s not just Halloween that has me brainstorming and making. This is a mascot I made from recycled materials for my womens ball team. We’re the only one with a mascot and I’ll be honest it’s really for the kids that come to the games faithfully with their parents. At our baseball tournament honey was a huge hit!  The kids went crazy! That’s what makes the endless hours worth it.

This costume is designed from a logo on our ball jerseys. No pattern, no other reference, strictly the jersey, which is a head only and my imagination. The base is card board, stuffing and material, then layered with feathers (the only store bought item).  It’s amazing what it started and the finished product! This was long hours but not hard to make. Defenitely was a huge bonus to our team! And my huge collection of homemade costumes.