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Ellen Show Stage Dog Costume

Hi! I’m Lucy and my mom thought it would hilarious to dress me up as a stage dog. Okay, truth is I really love watching the Ellen show so I hoped that my dream of being a stage dog would come true this Halloween…and it did!

First my mom found a guy named Alan who build models. He had already built an Ellen show set, so that largest obstacle was already taken care of. Next was finding pants to fit me. I mean I’m only 9 months old so I am still growing. My mom shopped in the children’s section at Kohls. Finally after three trips we got the right sizes.

She purchased the hat and t-shirt on eBay and the headphones were an Amazon bargain. (Prime is the best ever or so she says!)

After a trip to Michael’s for fur fabric we were on our way. I had to sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, stand and sit for days as she fitted me.

Today was dress rehearsal and I think I look pretty darn cute. But mom says there are a few things she wants to fix. Anyhow, here are some photos! Happy Halloween, Lucy

Ellen Show Stage Dog Costume

Ellen Show Stage Dog Costume

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