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Egyptian God Ra Costume

This Egyptian God Ra costume was supposed to be a one night super fast costume for my son’s 6th grade Egypt day at school. They were to all dress as something Egyptian. Most just wrapped sheets around them and put on eyeliner. Of course my son wants to be the Bird God Ra. Sigh.  No pattern, just looking at pictures.

It ended up taking about 4 days, but it was worth it. He worked it. lol.  Most of it was felt, and the skirt was just some goldish material I found in the scraps bin. All the “jewels” are just felt squares that I glued on, also the bracelets and ankle bracelets.  The hardest part was the headpiece, trying to make it look like a huge bird head, but make the eye holes as inconspicuous as possible.

Although I wasn’t there at school that day, he did tell me everyone loved it and his teacher said it’s the best one she’s seen since they started Egypt day. *yay*

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