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Edward Scissorpaws Costume for a Chihuahua Dog

This year I decided to dress up my five-year old Chinese crested/chihuahua mix as Edward Scissorhands/Scissorpaws. He is used to wearing clothes so it was easy for me to make him this costume, since he is tolerant.

I first collected my materials: Leather, Electrical tape (black), Belts, Buckles, Glue gun, Sewing Kit, and Key Chain Rings. I measured my dog and made his leather shirt, then taped the outside with the tape to give it a more shiny leather look. Then I cut up scissor shapes, used foil to make the blades look more realistic, and hot glued them on to his sleeves. After that I used 6 key chain rings and glued them on the back of the shirt.

I then glued and sewed the belt and buckles on the front of the shirt, I really tried to make it light-weight so that my dog would be able to move around comfortably and not feel like he couldn’t move at all. I had also made him a wig out of shredded cotton dyed with black food coloring but I didn’t put it on him because he kept shaking it off. He looked great with or without it so it’s completely optional.

Zeus ended up winning 1st place at the annual pet costume contest and I even entered him on some online contest and he took 2nd place there. Mostly everyone who saw him thought he looked adorable and wanted to snap photos of him, he really loved the attention. Something I would do different is I would of had his shirt tailored; I realized later after the contest was over that I left it a little too loose on the bottom where the tummy is and from far away it kinda looked like it was coming off (looked like it was dragging), so I would recommend you measure your dog correctly.

Edward Scissorpaws Costume for a Chihuahua Dog

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