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Ebola the Mouse Costume

Well my husband told me were going to a Halloween party pretty much two days before the party. So I happened upon the picture of ebola virus and thought it looked like a mouse. My brain thought I could do something with that.

I bought a black headband, black duct tape and about 3-4 ft of yellow rope from home Depot. I wore all black clothes. the rope was three strands twisted together so I un-braided one of the strands and set aside. I duct taped mouse ear shapes onto the headband. Then I coiled the single rope around the ears (adhering with duct tape) in the ebola virus shape. When I got to the end, I rebraided the remaining tail to the original rope and duct tape the tail in a squiggly pattern around my side.

My make up was just sick kinda zombie looking mixed with a mouse makeup look. When I showed up at the party I just said “Hey! I’m Ebola the Mouse!” people loved it even though I had to explain it, I always got a great reaction.

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