This easy to make Pirate Dog costume can be made from items in any costume accessory store or anytime around Halloween.  If you can sew a few stitches by hand, and your dog will tolerate something on it’s head, then this easy and fun costume is for your dog.

Since most pirate hats are made for human heads, it might be best for larger breeds.  I purchased a lightweight and sturdy pirate hat, and a pirate belt that has a fake alcohol bottle and shot glass on it.  Then I went to went to a craft section of a store and bought a bandana, and 18″ long and 2″ wide of black elastic (you’d buy whichever color is closest to your pet’s coat color.)

I held the pirate hat on my dog’s head and laid out the elastic from one of my dog’s ears to the other, going under his chin to get the correct length I’d need to cut. I added about 3″ in length so I’d have extra elastic to be able to sew it just inside the edge of the hat.  The belt came with it’s own Velcro which I left since that is the area I put on my dog’s back, but I cut the back of the belt to shorten it’s length to the correct size of my dogs body, then I hand-sewed the edges back together.

This costume was a show stopper during trick or treating, and we also won “Best Costume” in a pet contest.  We love our Pirate Poodle!!