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Easy Spicy Tuna Roll Sushi Costume

My daughter always insists on being a food item for Halloween!

Here is is sushi costume:

Make an interior tube, using thin flexible cardboard, be sure that the this tube fits over your child. Cover with biodegradable packing peanuts that look like rice. using a hot glue gun. Add green felt for wasabi, and sprinkle some red pom pom in between some of the “rice”

Make a outer tube with more flexible cardoard. Cut open a garbage bag and glue to the outside of the carboard, to look like seaweed. Using a lot of hot glue, attach the inner tube to the outer tube. We used suspenders to hand the tube over my daughter.

Finally, we made a tobiko (fish roe) hat made with a beanie covered with red pom poms just using a hot glue gun.

My daughter then wore a pinkish shirt that resembled tuna, and voila, she was a spicy tuna roll for Halloween!

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