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Easy Scary Zombie Costume

This scary Zombie was a really easy costume and I scared anyone! Keep little kids away cause it is sure to make them cry! Trust me, I did it to many (I’m the one on the right). You will need: Zombie prosthesis, prosthesis glue, makeup sponge, liquid latex, makeup crayons, old flannel shirt and jeans (or any old beat up clothes you desire).

First: Glue on prosthesis. Let them dry for at least 10 minutes.

Second: Sponge on liquid latex. If you desire, after it dries, you can peel it just a little so it looks as though the skin is falling off.

Third: Line eyes with red makeup crayon. Smudge black makeup crayon in crease and on lid. Apply black to area under eyes.

Fourth: Throw on your best gross attire and your ready to scare the pant off of the unsuspecting victims!!


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