Easy Papa Smurf and Smurfette Halloween Couple Costume

After the inspiration of Smurfs 2, my boyfriend and I went as Papa Smurf and Smurfette. This costume was very easy thanks to the new second skin costumes that are so famous now. The bought items were 2 full body suits (blue), red sweat pants for Papa, red socks, blonde wig, white sun dress. I made the hats out of fleece from a fabric store, I bought red for Papa’s and white for mine.

I shaped the bottom the same size as a winter touque so it would be loose and comfy. I stuffed it with regular stuffing so the top would pop up. The face paint was purchased at a local costume shop, it was $14 but worth every penny. The cheap Halloween makeup that is $3 does nothing and looks really thin. This blue face paint made the whole costume. I added white Halloween paint (greasy paste like) to boyfriend’s beard and it turned out amazing. A few small add ones with eyebrow coloring and big fake eyelashes for me. I also bought a finishing spray to make the paint look shiny and not crack once that night!

Go out and have some fun with this easy costume. We had so many compliments that night. Happy Halloween!! (total costume cost was under $50..I know!  awesome eh!)