Easy No-Sew DIY Pirate Group Costume

To make the boy pirate costumes, we started with long sleeve button down shirts.  We cut the collars off, added string in the top button holes, and made the edges ragged.  For the pants, we used pajama pants that we made ragged at the bottom.  The belts were made from scrap fabric that we had from other costumes.  The black vest was from the thrift store and the red vest was actually the lining from the green captains jacket.  We also used the “pirate” accessory pack from the dollar tree.

For the captain, we found an awesome jacket at the store that we embellished with white fabric on the cuffs and front.  The hat was something that one of us already had.  For the girl in red, we used a red button down cut to look ragged.  The black parts were actually a lingerie shirt that was cut in half.  The top half was used as a top and the bottom part of the shirt served as a skirt.  For the girl in white, the shirt was a normal peasant type shirt.  The corset was made using leather, brads, and leather string.  This was a very tedious process.  The skirt was just a loose flowing black skirt.

You can read about our special volleyball group costuming tradition on my Author page…

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