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Easy Mousetrap Costume

Mouse Trap: The trap was made from a foam insulation board and then I wrapped it in brown packing paper. I used painters tape to created the “V” logo and then spray-painted it red. I wrote “VICTOR” using a black sharpie. I used PVC piping for the metal part and then spray painted it silver. I used black thick string to make the “spring” part around the metal top part. I attached the board to the metal part using zip ties. I tied two strings to the board so that I could carry the whole costume. The costume took about 3 hours to make. It was simply and when I wore it out everybody loved! It was a BIG hit!! So many people came up to make and said I did a “awesome job”! Costume of the Year!

I make my own costume every year and the was the easiest one I made. All the costumes usually take me 3 or 4 days to make but not this one!!   The hardest part was trying to come up with what to use for the metal part. I thought of using wooden dowels but we figured that It would break easily. My boyfriend though of the PVC piping which I never heard of until making this costume. It worked out perfectly and easy to use!!


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