I’m a plain housewife, a mother of four (all boys). I just try my best to make a simple thing for my kids for their happiness. So if there’s any events I’ll  try to convince them to go there and join, sometimes they ask me permission to go there. Some events like a seasonal occasion like Halloween I like doing some costume that is easy and priceless to make.

I made my youngest son as Tiyanak, because I think it’s a scary one. The materials that I used was a food color that I think is not harmful to our skin, it’s to cover up his skin. I used also a lipstick for some highlights to his eyes. I put it on his lower part of his eyes and I put some on his lips, a wax gel for his hair to make up. I got a black brief to wear and that’s it!.

When I did it over, I’m happy to see my son wearing it because I successfully made it for him. When making this with him I prayed that he will never get mad at all, you know the kids sometimes have their  tantrums!