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Easy Last-Minute Goldfish Crackers Costume

My childrens’ all time favorite snacks are  Goldfish crackers. This costume is a simple inexpensive design that can be put together in a couple of hours or less. I wanted to create a clever costume that would appeal to the children and would not require sewing skills or a lot of money to create.

All the materials were bought from a dollar store. The base of the costume is two pieces of poster board that were glued together. I penciled on a rough design of a cracker package. I kept it simple using only the larger details.
I don’t think it needs to be a great work of art as long as the general idea is captured.

I used watered-down acrylic paint for the orange and a black marker for the black areas. The top is folded down and a hole was cut for the head. Two holes were cut at the top on the sides for arm holes. The fish head piece is cut from a small boogie board from the dollar store with a pair of children’s sunglasses completing the costume.

If someone wants a scarier Halloween version  I created a “piranha ” version also.

I hope you enjoy !! Happy snacking!


Easy Last-Minute Goldfish Crackers Costume

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