I LOVE skunks, so I decided I wanted to be a skunk for Halloween. I looked up costumes to buy, but all of them were very expensive, so I decided to make my own costume. I had a black dress already; so I had to buy boas (for the tail), white faux fur for the white stripes, black fuzzy wrist bracelets and “cat” ears. I also made my boyfriend’s costume to go along with mine.

The hardest part was sewing the white faux fur onto the dress because I had to make it long enough and lose enough, so my dress can still stretch. The reactions I got were all good! People loved our costumes! They were very surprised when I told them that I had made them. I had a good time making the costume and wearing it as well. I got many compliments on this costume from friends, family, and strangers. The costume was fairly easy to make and I had a great time making it and wearing it out. This was the first costume that I had made and it has inspired me to make my next Halloween costume. I hope this inspires other people to make and wear what they want for Halloween!

Thank you for looking at my costume.