Easy Homemade Rainbow Brite Costume

I loved the show Rainbow Brite when I  was younger, despite the fact I was only alive for about a month in the 80’s. (The joys of having older siblings who introduced me to the finer things in life.)

I started with a blue dress I found at the Goodwill. It was the perfect color. Then, I found rainbow thigh high stockings and rainbow fishnet gloves (perhaps originally for a clown or for a chilly day at the Gay Pride Parade). The white on the bottom is a petticoat; it added volume to the dress and the white trim (no sewing and it didn’t ruin the dress–bridesmaids dresses are not the only ones you want to wear again!). The red belt I already had, as I am fabulously fashionable.

Found the blonde wig at a Halloween store (I know–gasp! not my natural hair color) and tied it in a side pony with a peppy bow. The hardest part to find was the rainbow necklace. Last minute touches; rainbow nail polish and makeup, a red bra, and white flats (regrettably I could not find my rainbow boots.) The perfect touch would have been my childhood Twink doll but my mother refused to look for it in the attic.

Now, I had the perfect costume. The only thing left was to find the perfect social occasion. My sister and I finally won tickets to a local radio station Halloween Fright Night Ball and had a blast. I was the only Rainbow Brite there so it was total win. Plus Murky and Lurky were nowhere to be seen!