Easy DIY Costume for a Toddler Girl: Agnes from Despicable Me!

My daughter Gisselle is 2 years old. Once she saw the movie “Despicable ME” she fell in love with the Minions. She would also copy Agnes, like clapping her hands to her cheeks or saying “It’s So FLUFFY”. So I decided to dress her up like Agnes for Halloween.

Looking for her costume took me 6 hours. I was going to every store looking for overalls and appearantly they arent that common. I then found a boys shirt yellow with brown stripes. I got her some red socks and a red hair tie. I then bought her a Minion backpack which she loved. I dressed her up and took a picture of her and uploaded the picture to my facebook… EVERYONE LOVED IT! I then uploaded her picture to pintrest and it got pinned so many times.

We just went to a Halloween Bash and I entered her into a contest for 2-4 Years old. Lots of people loved her costume but she did not win. We cant wait for Halloween!