Easy Chicken Costume that Everyone Loves

After thinking long and hard about a Halloween costume for my almost two year old baby, my stepdaughter sent me a picture of a baby dressed as a chicken. I immediately fell in love with it and said “that is what I want”. I said “where can I buy this outfit?” My stepdaughter said “I can make it!” I was thrilled. So now, it was the day before Halloween and I had no costume. I started to get nervous. But she was not worried. She had a plan and a vision. She made this costume and she whipped it together in minutes, minutes! She is very crafty and with her plan and vision, it came together quickly.

Things needed:

  • Long sleeve white onesie
  • White boa with lots of feathers
  • Red tights
  • Beanie (white) but we chose yellow striped (last minute all we could find) at the Thrift store
  • Small piece of red material for comb
  • 8×12 felt piece with sticky side

So, seriously in less than an hour she made this outfit.


  •  Glued white boa onto white long-sleeve onesie.
  • She glued some of the feathers that fell out onto a beanie.
  • Cut an old red tank top for the comb.
  • Hot glued that on. Added red tights.
  • Cut chicken feet out of sticky felt. BAM. Ready in minutes.

And, the whole outfit cost about $11. What a deal! Last years Party City costume was at least $25.

Everyone commented on his outfit.

“What a great costume!”, “My favorite Halloween costume this year.” Even got a picture with my little chicken and another kid dressed as a carton of eggs. Ha Ha, too funny.

Of course, everyone thought he was a girl, but that’s ok. I won’t get to dress him the way I want to soon. He will be into ninjas and boy stuff.

Easy Chicken Costume that Everyone Loves