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Easy, Cheap and Homemade Futurama Couple’s Costume

This was our first Halloween together! We are both full time college students so we needed this Halloween to be as close to free as possible. He wanted something extremely simple and I wanted to be a bad ass chick! So this is what we came up with…Leela and Fry from Futurama!

LEELA: White tank, black leggings, grey winter boots, $5 white sleeping eye mask from Bed, Bath & Beyond (I used a sharpie to draw a black dot for the eye & black pipe cleaners for eyelashes!), arm cuff is a paper coffee cup covered in duct tape, toy gun was a $2 nerf gun at Target.

FRY: jeans, white tee shirt, black and white vans, red jacket (we were lucky enough to find this at our closest Name Brand exchange store. He returned it after Halloween).

To finish our looks, we used purple and orange hair spray in our hair!

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