This is an easy and cheap homemade costume idea: Car Wash costume from a few years ago but I’m putting it out there for mothers who have a similar child and might need an idea.  So my 4-year-old son LOVED car washes.  He made them out of shoe boxes, tables, crates, ANYTHING and loved pushing the cars (or himself) through.  I decided a car wash costume was in order so here’s how I did it.

Hard to see in the picture but his shirt says  “Luke’s Car Wash” and has bubbles.  I made this with printable iron-on that you can run through the printer.  On his shoulders are some black hoses that I made out of felt and just used fabric glue to attach.  There are some iridescent cellophane shreds coming out of the hoses to look like water too. Also on the shirt are some strips of felt that I cut to make them look like the side brushes.  I just ironed these on and did the same for the legs of his pants.

The top “brush” is just a dollar store feather duster that I attached to a hat with some fishing line. The “car” was just an old box that I painted and cut out a hole for him to wear it with some shoulder straps.