When we decided that my son was going to be a pirate this year for Halloween, I knew that I could make one better than the store bought ones and I knew I could do it for a fraction of the price. I went to my local thrift store and I went with an idea already in mind of what I was looking for. I wanted some sort of red pants, a long sleeve white shirt, and a black vest.  I could not find what I was looking for in my sons section so I went over to the little girls section and I found everything I needed! The first thing I found was red leggings. I grabbed those because I planned on using sharpie markers to draw on thick black pin stripes later on. I then found a long sleeve white shirt, perfect. I wanted to expand upon that though and give the shirt a more pirate feel with some sort of ruffles, but I couldnt find a shirt like that. As I was walking through the aisles, I saw a short white ruffled skirt and I knew immediately that I could deconstruct it and recycle the fabric to make him the perfect little ruffled shirt without too much hassle. It worked perfectly! I never found a little black vest, but my husband bought a long sleeve black shirt that had angular cut outs on the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. He wanted to use it as a vest so he cut off the sleeves. I took one of the sleeves, layed it down horizontally and cut two vertical slits in one side of the fabric so he could slide his arms in and out either side of the sleeve which made him the perfect little vest! After all was said and done, he not only looked like a perfect little pirate, but he was comfortable, and it cost $5 to make!