Possibly the easiest, most laid-back costume I’ve ever done, but I got way too many compliments on it. I walked in to American Apparel looking for an incredible costume or a Naked Troll Doll costume- I ended getting both, but decided to get a back-up. I wore a strapless red leotard and a short blue shirt with gold metallic knee-highs and a gold headband. I also used a bandeau as the belt.

I wore my own vintage red, white, and blue Keds. So easy! I don’t really carry off the whole “slutty” thing, nor would I be comfortable. I live in Omaha so going out in a skimpy outfit was out. This was comfy, but also really cute, and flirty too! I was getting compliments for weeks and I won the costume contest at one of the parties I went to! I threw on a leather jacket when I was outside.