My daughter is 13 and didn’t want to be a witch or princess or any other girly monster, so I suggested a zombie because we both love the Walking Dead. She jumped at it. I volunteer at an op shop and grabbed a pair of old jeans and t shirt, and started cutting away. We put heaps of holes and rips in them and then I bought a bottle of red food color and started dripping that all over them. They turned out unreal.

So then we went to work on her face. A little white face paint and a squirt of baby powder to cover face then we blackened her eye. A few cuts on arms and face, then dripped the red food color down her face. Now the hair, baby powder teased and hair spray, as simple as that.

She was now ready for her first pre Halloween dance. As soon as she walked in people wanted to take her picture…lol. This is the most easiest and cheapest costume I have ever put together. She cant wait to go out in it on the 31st. It was so much fun creating this zombie because my little girl is a tomboy at heart so she absolutely loved this outfit.