To make this Pirate ship, I started by taking sheet wood and tracing and cutting out a pirate Ship, did that twice one for each side. Then I added 3 wood pieces to the front and center and back to hold the side of the pirate ship together. I then spray painted everything. I then added a hole in the center piece of wood to support the wood poles.

I attached to wood post together creating a cross. then from there I added sheets to the wood post giving it sail effect. I added a bucket to the top and cutting a hole in the bottom of it so it can slip on top then I spray painted it black. I also added a black bird to the wood post on top. and each post I added black cheese cloth. I added a pirate banner along the top of the wood post. and added a wheel to the bottom post giving a illusion you can sail the ship. I added along the sides of the ship with chain and skulls. and along the middle of the post skulls. I added a treasure box to the back of the pirate ship buy cover a box with brown wrapping paper and added ribbon along the side and the back of the treasure box, I then added poker chips that I spray painted gold and added necklaces and a skeleton.

I spray painted beer bottles and wine bottles black and added labels to the fronts of them. I added fences along the top of the ship and screwing them in place for a fun effect. I added license plates to the front and back of the pirate ship for a fun effect as well as all car need a license plate. I added a skull to the back as well. This wagon took me 2 weeks to make. Its easy pulled with 2 kids inside of it. Perfect for trick or treating.

It was a lot of fun to make. And got a lot of comments “Oh wow you made that?” So cool, “your so creative” You can use that as a photo booth for pictures”  Very impressive”  ” how did you make it”  Id be walking down the street and people would stop to take pictures of it. Everyone I met thought it was the coolest thing ever and never since anything like it :D I had alot of fun and my son loves it; it made his dreams come true