Coolest DIY Drop Dead Fred Costume Made in 18 Hours!

My daughter changed her mind last minute and I had 18 hours to get her a Drop Dead Fred costume together.

To those not familiar, Drop Dead Fred is a character from a 90’s movie about an imaginary friend who is completely out of control. My daughter is obsessed with the movie.

I started my search at thrift stores. I got lucky after the 6th store, finding a green blazer jacket with shoulder pads. The ones without did not look right since she is so small. Therefore, the pads made it fit her better.

I then started my search for either green pants or white to dye green, and a yellow shirt. I failed finding either for some reason. Instead, I got a white tank top and yellow dye. I knew she had white leggings home.

Last Minute Homemade Costume

Got home and could not find her pants anywhere. It is now 8pm and she needed to school in the morning. While I was dying her tank top I found a pair of my leggings which are green and white stripe, but I am an XL woman. I went to the sewing machine and folded the waistband in 2 areas on the back and made them smaller. I dyed the white areas green. Pants were not perfect match to Fred, but they worked. The tank top did not take the yellow dye, so we stole one her brothers Aero shirts since the brand name is on the side of the shirt

The blazers arms were too long so I used hem tape to make shorter for her. I used painters tape to mark of stripes. I took acrylic paint I already had and mixed different greens and yellows for stripes.

Used poster board and a wooden rod to make a sign to help people know who she was.

For her hair (since hers is so long), we did a messy bun and sprayed red and then hit it with orange to give that redheaded look Fred had.

It was an easy costume, just drove me crazy to do 18 hours before lol

Drop Dead Fred Costume Reactions

Only a few teachers knew who she was, but she did not care. She rocked the outfit and the attitude, even calling others “snotface” all day. We got a huge response online on Facebook and Instagram.

Drop Dead Fred Costume

Drop Dead Fred Costume