Dramatic Disney Jasmine Homemade Costume for a Woman

Hey y’all! This is my absolute favorite costume I’ve made so far! I first created the top with a vision already in mind. I purchased an inexpensive push up bra ( b/c I need a little help, lol)  and then headed straight to the craft store! I purchased a teal silk type material, the teal mesh material to add a little more effect, the gold cord and the beautiful embellishment in the middle. It all seemed to be coming together. I fitted the teal silk material around the bra and pinned the material in place. I cut the teal mesh material  with a greater seam allowance so that the mesh would not tug/snag while partying the night away!

The  gold cord and embellishment were the next to be put on so I took out the magic hot glue gun and went at it! I created the small sleeves to add a little something. The pants were fairly easy as the material was flowy. The gold waist band was sewn to the pants to ensure a fitted waistline. I was eager to compete in the costume contest where we were at for the night but my Aladdin just wasn’t having it.

To wrap it up, I would say the hardest part for me was to fit the bra clasps in the back with enough material so that when the bra stretched the silk material would still be covered. It probably took me a couple days altogether.

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