For this homemade dragon head costume I used a large balloon (the kind that have the elastic band attached that kids like to bop around work well) for the mold – just make sure it is a big one.

I bought wallpaper paste from the store and employed a lot of daily-journal paper. I cut the paper into strips that are about 8 inches long. To make the work easier, you can put the balloon in a bucket to hold him.

Apply the glue to both sides of the paper strips, then start covering the balloon. After about 2 layers allow to dry overnight and then apply another 3-4 layers overall. After that begins to form the ears with paperboard and cover it also with paper strips. Then work with wire to make sure to having the form you wanted. Fix it all with adhesive tape and hot glue on a helmet.

After the paper maché is dry, color the head with airbrush or paint-brush.