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Dracula’s Captive Illusion Costume

I had won this Dracula puppet a few years back and every time somebody saw it, they thought it was so scary.

I thought, how could I use him in my costume and try and make it realistic? so I decided to be his captive.

Since I was thinking to keep it low budget I grabbed a carton box and I found the debris of an aluminum stick with holes that I had found. I bend it and attached it to the carton and made it look like a jail.

I got a pair of jeans and sticked the remaining of the aluminum stick inside the legs.

I attached to the bottom a pair of running shoes and put top half of my body inside the carton box and hanged on to the bars.

I wore black pants and attached Dracula with it’s hands on the side of the cage and put his dress on my back so it would look like my legs were his legs.

As I was walking I would shout help! help! Needless to say I got quite of attention and I ended up winning a contest for originality.

It took a bit of work, but it was all worth it and it did not cost me much other than imagination and time to look for possible materials. Oh and I was forgetting, a bit of a sore back from crunching into the box.

My friends say they don’t know where I come up with this ideas but they just come.

This costume took more or less a couple of weeks to make and I try to make them as low budget as I can, just with things I can get in the stores or find somewhere and carton boxes are the best; you can make so many things out of them.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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