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Dr. Seuss “Thing” Family Halloween Costumes

My kids and I stumbled upon a picture of thing one and thing two Halloween costumes when I was pregnant and decided to be a thing family for Halloween with the kids being thing 1, 2 & 3. We used blue temporary hair spray to make our hair blue, I made matching tutus for my three daughters with matching headbands that said thing 1 thing 2 & thing 3. I used red electrical tape from Home Depot to make red stripes on their pants. My husband and I wore thing mom and thing dad shirts (I had some help with the shirts!) and I had blue hair and a headband I made that said “Mom of Thing 1 2 3). I also made stickers for my daughters shoes that said Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3. The kids (who are 4 & 5) had a blast helping me and have never been so excited before about Halloween! We will probably be making it a family affair again next year! I also made the kids matching thing buckets for their candy – I found some red beach buckets on sale and taped thing 1,2 and 3 signs to them.

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