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Domiciliary Queen for the Day Costume

I had the most fun putting this outfit together. I bought the hat and looked for pieces to go with it at yard sales and goodwill. I found the matching purple (night) gown at good will and wore a simple black blouse under it with long black gloves I had. Wore some colored beads and long black cape. Bought a bouqet of long stemed black roses after previous holiday and wrapped stems in purple and added a silver ribbon to it. Wore sliver heels I had for years. Purple pumpkin for my purse with purple dark chocolate kisses in it to pass around. Love giving kisses! It worked! Gave them to the judges and WON FIRST PLACE at our hospital costume party and again at our costume dance party down home.

I wore a simple black mask. Had a black long wooden rod with a knob on it for my witch’s wand. Put little black spiders on the netting on my hat and wore a long black wig. Nothing hard about this costume! Didn’t cost much either! Was a little late getting to the judging party at work, had to tell them I had problems finding a place to park my broom and  threathened them I would put a spell on them if they didn’t pick me! Then I threathened them I would give them a kiss! Walked up to  them and give them one of my chocolate kisses from my pumpkin! IT WORKED. I worked the domiciliary so I was the Domiciliary Queen for the Day!

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