DIY Wizard Of Oz Family Costume

We do a family costume theme each year, everyone gives an idea and then we vote together on which one we think will be the most fun, easy to recognize and create. Each of them has to have enough characters for each member of the family. This year was a close vote between Alice In Wonderland and Wizard of Oz. We plan all year long and even though I always feel prepared, I still run around like a crazy person the day of. This was our first year actually being in a neighborhood to trick or treat, so it was super exciting to see everyone’s faces when we came to their door.

I make each costume with a mix of store bought items and DIY items.

For my daughter’s (Daisy) Dorothy costume, I bought her white leggings and shirt, and plain red shoes. Then I made her apron, tutu and sparkled up the shoes. The tutu is a no-sew simple tutu using a knot tying process. The shoes are spray adhesive and glitter – i am pretty sure my yard will have glitter in it forever.

For my older son (David) – the Scarecrow – I bought the pants, shirt and hat – Using felt, straw and hot glue, I put the straw fringe around all the edges of the clothes and added the patches with felt and burlap. The hat was originally a striped ladies summer hat. I spray painted it and added more straw. I also made the diploma with a rolled-up piece of card-stock. I only burned myself three times so you know, call that a win.

For my middle son (Deacon) – the Lion – I bought a brown sweat suit and using hot glue, I cut strips of felt and made the “hair”. For the hat – which is actually a green beanie hat, I did the same felt/hot glue process. I made his courage badge out of paper and hand sketched the shape.

For my youngest son (Dodger), I bought his outfit piecing together summer clearance items. I bought a huge foam Christmas ornament for the lollipop and cut off the bottom of it. I hot glued the stick to it and the blue piping. I then covered it with some of the left over tulle. His hair is held up with gel – a lot of gel.

I was Glinda – the Good Witch. I bought the pants and shoes, but had everything else in my closet (shirt and jewelry). I made my tutu in the same no-sew fashion as my daughter’s. I made the crown out of silver glitter paper, sketching the shape, and hot glued the gems on it. I them hot glued it to the headband. The wand was store bought but I cut off the fringe and wrapped the stick in ribbon.

My husband who was taking the group picture was wearing a Tin man costume. I sewed a red heart onto a gray t-shirt and spray painted a funnel for his hat.

We had an amazing night-out. People were calling out to us and stopping us for photos. It was definitely a night to remember. Especially the one girl who asked me if I was a real fairy princess – to which of course I said “yes”.

I love making my kids’ costumes, I feel like I am making memories for them they will hold tight to when they are grown and hopefully will continue when their kids are ready for dressing up. Halloween is definitely our favorite family holiday – I do also have blog posts for the costumes with step by step instructions. Thank you so much for the consideration.

DIY Wizard Of Oz Family Costume

DIY Wizard Of Oz Family Costume