This year for halloween I knew I wanted to be original. Coming from a small town in Texas where everyone knows me, I knew in September I should start looking for creative costume ideas and that’s when I came across this website and saw a “Energizer Bunny.” Although the idea I saw was creative enough, I knew with my crafty instincts I could make it one of my own.

For the tutu: I went to hobby lobby and got 25 yards of hot pink tulle, and an elastic waistband. I eyed the fabric to how short I wanted my tutu and just tied it on the elastic, filling the whole thing up.

For the battery pack: I used 2 paper towel holders duct taped together with black and silver tape, and hot glued the pack to a hot pink tank top I already had and new I could part ways with.

For the drum: I got a hat box from hobby lobby and wrapped it in blue duct tape and added the red lines on the sides of it to give it more of a “drummy feel” for the straps I double wrapped them to make sure they weren’t sticky and then attached them to the drums by wrapping it one more time. For the drumstick I used a craft stick, wrapping paper and duct tape.

For the logos: I googled energizer and printed them out putting one on each side of my drums and one on my battery pack.

As for the rest of the costume, I had the ears and tail and I bought the socks and glasses at hot topic.

This costume was a total hit! The night of Halloween I had to work and a lot of people asked to take a picture with me. Later that night when some coworkers and I went out, everywhere I walked someone would comment on how good of an idea it was! The drum was in my way the whole night but other than that: my energizer bunny was pure success. After this year, I won’t ever buy another costume again!