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Coolest and Cheapest DIY Claw Machine Costume In Town

My son ran up to me and said “MOM! I want to be a claw machine for Halloween”. I gave him quite the look and then thought in my head “that would be really cool, I can do it!” We searched on Pinterest for ideas but I wanted it to look his own – not like the ones we saw on Pinterest. So, in order to make his DIY claw machine costume, I gathered a list of materials and we all headed to Walmart.

Making the Claw Machine


We grabbed a box, spray paint (black for the box, silver for the claw and my son chose sparkly blue for the letters), a dowel and plastic ball (for the joystick), yo-yo (for the button), wooden letters, a clear bin and a head Massager (for the claw).

The rest, I just printed out and glued on and we have a boat load of stuffed animals in our house (as I am sure you all do as well). Within days, it was complete and looks so cool! We are even adding a hidden speaker for the “claw machine” music! The hardest part was figuring out how to attach the clear bin to assure that it wouldn’t fall off with the weight of the stuffed animals. I decided to use small screws/nuts (one in the front, one on the left side and one on the right side). That bin is secure to say the least.

DIY Claw Machine Costume Conclusions

The entire costume cost $23 but could be cheaper for you if you have more items laying around the house than I did.

I honestly had so much fun creating his costume and now looking back on the years, I wish I had done more DIY fun costumes. But looking on the bright side, I hope my son wants to think outside the box from now on and has me create his costumes going forward!

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