Amazingly Cool Homemade Divine Costume From Pink Flamingos

I’ve wanted to be Divine from the film Pink Flamingos for many years and this year I decided it was time. I started with the wig. It was originally A POODLE WIG I picked up off Amazon. I combed out the pigtails and reshaped the “bump”. The wig was cut and the roots were added in, using 3 different brown marker shades. I bought the red dress from Ebay and altered it to work.

Using safety pins, I had a friend mark where the mermaid tulle flounce should begin. I added 16 yards of gathered red tulle to the bottom of the dress, creating the mermaid shape. The earrings, shoes, and Poop Emoji purse were store bought. The makeup took roughly 2 hours and required 2 pairs of eyelashes and A LOT of glitter.

The costume was received better than I ever imagined. I figured a handful of people would get it. Instead I couldn’t walk 10 feet without someone wanting to snap a picture or yell “DIVINE!!!!” It was a total hit and so much fun to wear. You can get away with being both glamorous and disgusting at the same time.

the "root" of the improvement

16 yards of tulle!

Ready to be seen


THe costume in all its glory!