For the Despicable Me group costume we used contractors cardboard cut into giant toilet paper rolls – exercise ball in the middle with foil over it so we could paper mache domes in the tops – yellow paint, then spackle buckets and country crock containers for the goggles (painted silver).  Camping mat for the goggle strap and Indian head dress – both painted. Skewers and computer paper cut into feathers for the Indian Head dress (ends of feathers painted a tiny bit black).   Coconuts for the bra…and the rest was all decorations — oh, we did use the handle of the bucket we cut for the goggles to make the pigtails on the little girl minion – very little waste  :)

This was a serious group effort.  My boyfriend and I have been having a really hard time the past two years financially.  We both have primary custody of our children — he has 3 and I have 3.  Our kids have known each other since they were born — long story…but our kids ended up getting the two of us together.  We really could make a Lifetime movie about our little family!!    Anyway, making these costumes was more than just putting them together – it was a group effort and all of us got together as a family and put everything we had into them.  With all of the crap we have been through it was nice to be able to come together and forget all about that stuff and focus on something fun and as a family we did it!!

We won in 2 categories at a local Halloween parade last weekend!!