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Disney Villians All-Girl Group Costume

A Disney movie is not complete without a villain but yet they’re highly underrated (still waiting for the day they get a movie of their own) so instead of going the princess route this year we decided to join forces with the dark side and be Disney Villains. Plus sometimes it’s fun to be the bad guy.

Starting in the back from left to right — Maleficent, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, Scar, Hades, Queen of Hearts. All of our costumes we’re basically DIY and consisted of a few store bought accessories.

Maleficent: black leggings, black cropped top, wedges, devil horns, black wedges, cape, dark lipstick

Captain Hook: red corset, black skater skirt, black booties, feather pinned in hair, store bought hook

Cruella: red bodycon skirt, black top, black and white leopard leggings, black boots, black boa, red lipstick

Ursula: black tank, DIY tutu w/ black and purple tulle, black tights, seashell glued on string, purple craft glitter, blue eyeshadow and pink lips

Scar: fabric pinned like a toga, belt, DIY lion ears glued to headband, tribal paint (handprints and scar on face)

Hades: black one shoulder dress, black tulle & hand drawn skull pinned to one shoulder, blue hair chalk, blue craft glitter

Queen of Hearts: DIY tutu with glued on red hearts(cut out felt), black leotard, black tights, queen of hearts card glued on string


Special notes:

* In order to get craft glitter to stick to the body, mix it a little with Vaseline

* Hair chalk comes out easy, however may rub off on face throughout night (may or may not happen)

* Gives you an excuse to listen to classic Disney songs throughout the night


Disney Villians All-Girl Group Costume

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