Despicable Me Family Halloween Costume Idea

Ever since the movie came out my daughter has always joked with my husband and says the line from the movie, “When ever I see your head I always imagine an egg with a lil chick popping out going PEEP PEEP PEEP.” Hence, from the picture above you can see why he is a perfect fit for the part and all our friends knew this was a running joke in the family so we went for it and of course had a blast!

We had a trunk or treat and our neighborhood trick or treat so we got plenty of use out of it.

Despicable Me Family Halloween Costume Idea Instructions

Most everything was free or from the Goodwill, so it is excellent budget friendly family Halloween costume idea.

Felonious Gru Costume

  • My husband’s costume was an old leather zip up jacket and since Gru’s shoulders are set high we took Ziploc bags and filled them with air to add height to his shoulders.
  • For the scarf I found fabric at the store and sewed it up (super cheap).  I have seen where they sell them on Amazon for a fairly reasonable price so that is also an option.
  • His pants were dress pants from the Goodwill and Gru tends to wear straight leg pants in the movie so I went the extra step and ran a little seam down the inside of the pants on a sewing machine. That is not necessary unless you’re a perfectionist like me. LOL!

Lucy Wilde Costume

  • I had a hard time with finding a teal trench coat for my Lucy Wilde costume, but finally found one on eBay.
  • I lucked out on finding the matching dress at Goodwill.
  • I was able to make the scarf, but you can find one on Amazon for a good price.
  • I was also able to find a lipstick container for the “LIPSTICK TAZER”.
  • Finally, my hair is not red so I bought some spray on hair color.

Edith Gru Costume

  • Our daughter’s Edith costume was made with an old sweater (I had to sew the sides up to fit her a little better) and an old hat she had.
  • The bottom was made from an old sweater from Goodwill. I took it apart and and used the arms (as sewed together) for the legs, etc. (Sounds crazy but it worked and I could find what I wanted at the store).

Everyone got got a kick out of the costumes, especially us! I hope I gave you a little inspiration and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Despicable Me Family Halloween Costume Idea

Despicable Me Family Halloween Costume Idea

Despicable Me Family Halloween Costume Idea