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Delicious Candy Crush Costume for Kids

This costume started with a boy who had NO clue what he wanted to be and couldn’t decide. So mom took over and started brainstorming things he loved to do and well – what I loved to do.

Candy Crush is a quick game we love to play together when bored – waiting around or whenever to pass time. So it clicked…why not be what we love most! WIN WIN for mom and my son was so excited about having a costume he couldn’t just buy off the shelf. To him…this was HILARIOUS too. He laughed the entire project!!

His sister tagged along with the idea to be candy as well (see picture attached) – but the Candy Crush Ball was the major project at hand.

HOW were we going to pull this off??

Aha…..Get that Yoga Ball out that we never use!! Let’s paper mache that and see if that works. Luckily my kids are pretty small in frame and another year this may have not worked….but YES – perfect size it seemed to be.

From there – just painted the paper ball a nice chocolate color and attached Foam pieces which I painted an array of colors.


Delicious Candy Crush Costume for Kids

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