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Cool Death Becomes Her Couples Costume – Madeline and Helen

My friend and I created a Death Becomes Her couples costume, recreating Madeline and Helen!

Helen is wearing a long sleeved red shirt and black pants and a red wig. Don’t forget the mole above her lip! I made the hole in the stomach illusion by hot gluing a small round mirror to my shirt (one in the front and one in the back). Then I built up more hot glue around the edges of the mirror to add dimension. Then I painted the glue black and red around the inner edge, then I added fake blood. In order for the mirrors to look like a hole in photos, you have to make sure that the mirror isn’t pointing directly at the camera or there aren’t any people or objects showing in the mirror. Madeline is wearing black pants and a long sleeves black bodysuit and blonde wig.

I also made Madeline’s shawl thing from purple organza fabric. I just copied the pattern from a kimono that I have. My friend faced backwards and turned her head around in the photos to imitate Madeline’s broken neck. This was a fun costume to wear! Not everyone knew who we were and were asking what was up with the mirrors, but the people who understood our costumes loved them! Such a great movie. 

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