My boyfriend and I decided to be a magician and a rabbit in a top hat this year! We thought it was a unique and cute couple costume, and we wanted it to be something that wasn’t too difficult to create.

For the top hat, I just purchased several sheets of poster board, and glued them all together with spray glue. The bottom part of the hat is about 3 poster boards thick, and the brim part of the hat was cut out of an old TV cardboard box. I hot glued the brim to the main part of the hat, and then covered the entire thing in a nice black satin. I added the details of the silver band and sequin trim the brim to add a bit more glamour. I used a lot of hot glue and it held up really well through a night of dancing.

The hat was then attached to two pieces of black ribbon that were glued to the inside of the hat, and then the other ends of the ribbon were attached to an elastic belt that I wore tightly around my waist underneath my corset. I wanted the hat to give a floating illusion around my hips, and this seemed like the best option. I didn’t want suspenders or anything like that holding it up.

I made the ears from my own pattern and used white fur and a pink satin. I lined them with heavy wire to make sure they stayed perky all night. When making the ears, be sure to have the wire extend out and run along the headband. Cover the ends with ribbon or boa trim. This ensures that the ears don’t get floppy over time.

The corset is the Legs Avenue basic white for my top, and for my bottoms, I wore black satin shorts to blend with the hat. Other trimmings included white gloves with black buttons sewn on, and a cotton tail I made simply by sewing cotton balls together.

My boyfriend’s cape was one that was purchased, and it was originally a vampire cape, but it still worked! The bow tie, hat and wand were also purchased, and he wore his own clothing underneath.

Overall, this was a pretty easy costume to make, and it got a great reaction from a lot of people! It was a good choice because it’s a fun and unusual costume that I hadn’t really seen on anyone yet. My boyfriend even learned card tricks and performed them for our friends, which really added to it. It was a bit of a pain not being able to sit down all night, but the reactions and fun we had with the whole getup was well worth it!!