Cutest Homemade Baby Cabbage Patch Doll Stroller Costume

This baby Cabbage Patch Doll stroller costume cost less than $3! Up-cycled box and blanket. Cut box down to size needed, open entire back and make the front opening with a curve to fit the logo as well as a hole at the top and rear of the box to attach later using zip ties.  Use tape to make the cut down box more sturdy. Cover inside with green wrapping paper and outside with yellow paper and add printed logo.

Behind the logo area add a strip of cardboard to form a lip to slide over the front tray area of the stroller. Cut old green blanket to allow use of all straps and also cover the tray area. Use safety pins to secure the blanket to the seat and around the tray. Use zip ties through the holes and extend to the top of the handles for the stroller.

Total time less than 2 hours. Insert baby into the stroller wearing regular clothes and instant baby doll!

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