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Cutest Cabbage Patch Kid Costume

My wife and I wanted to make our daughter’s first Halloween special (and have blackmail for the teenage years)! We chose to go with a Cabbage Patch Kid costume for Aislin Elliana, because who doesn’t love CPKs?

To make the costume, we went to our local Target and bought the following list:

1. Trifold foam presentation board (Science Fair board for the base of the box)

2. Yellow Poster Board (for the box outline)

3. X-Acto blade (for precision cutting)

4. Glossy photo paper (for the logos)

5. Packaging Tape

6. Zip Ties

7. Green Table clothes (2x) (for the background and waterproofing the board)

8. Rubber Cement

We found a wonderful lady on Facebook to make the hair (crocheted hat) and we had all of our supplies together. We went home and I pulled a high resolution image from Google, and used Photoshop to isolate and print out all of the images that I needed. We cut them out with the X-Acto blade and placed them on the trifold board to draw out outline. Once the outline was drawn, my wife cut out the board and used the board to trace the outline for the yellow poster board. Once they were all cut out, we wrapped the board with one of the table clothes to waterproof it (because it’s always rainy in Tacoma) and taped the cloth to the board. We used rubber cement to put the yellow paper on the base board and let it dry. From there, we put all of the images in place and rubber cemented them down, and covered the entire board with strips of packaging tape (another water proofing step). We then put the other table cloth on the stroller to serve as a background, and zip-tied the box to the stroller on the four corners. On went the wig and away we went!

Every 3-5 feet, we had to stop for pictures. People couldn’t get enough of her! And she loved it! It was a perfect set up for her age (six months) and we had a blast making it and making sure her first Halloween was an amazing one.

Cutest Cabbage Patch Kid Costume

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