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The Cutest Baby Clown Costume

When making this costume I wanted it to be funny because my little girl is so chubby. I looked online and found nothing I liked so I made this with a crochet top tulle and ribbon.

Just how you would make any regular tutu. The reaction we have got from everyone is priceless. They love it. And thought it was just too cute. It fits her perfect. This was my first time ever to make a tutu.

The hardest part had to be making the co-style on my daughter. I had no other way to put it on something to see how everything would look. So making it in her was very difficult. She cries, would not sit still, very difficult. I had no clue tutus were this hard.

The best part to all this was just the thought period to making my daughter’s first costume. I had a back up plan to just buy one from the store because I had no idea if the costume would come out this good.

At first I had my doubts like “no way I’m going to just buy one”, but it worked perfect. Putting the hair on her, her wig, I figured as a baby she would pull it off. But she did great. Not once did she take her wig off till the end of the night. She had no clue whatsoever as to why she was wearing this or the purpose.

When she caught on to the knocking on the door and smiling for pictures she would get “papa” (candy) she herself knocked on every door that she could. She even cried when people wouldn’t answer. She had no clue to all the pictures taken as to just how cute she looked. This experience was priceless!

The Cutest Baby Clown Costume

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