Cute as a Wink Tink Costume for a Toddler

This year my two year old fell in love with Tinkerbell. Every Disney princess soon became Tinkerbell. So I quickly decided my sassy little blond would make a great sassy blond for Halloween. I looked up everything I could on creating a unique and spectacular costume. I pinterested my heart out and googled all the googles. Finally, I gathered my supplies, and my courage, and set out for success.

Success, ha, what I got was frustration. Costume silk is an ornery creature, it slides, it frays, and it’s an all around bully. Finally, I was triumphant!  Then, it didn’t fit.  Fortunately, I didn’t throw it away, a very near call it was though, instead I put grommets in the back and laced it with ribbon.

Next, I made the tutu. Luckily it was a no-sew endeavor. Patiently, I cut and tied each piece to that little elastic band.  When I finished , it was to big. Now I’m sure all you Goldilocks fans are rolling by now, but alas a close pin here and there and voila , a perfect pixie tutu.

Once it was finished, I had my sassy blond model it for everyone we knew. I hope you enjoy the results too.

Tink loves froyo, it's a secret though.

The sweetfrog is my fairy friend.