Cute Popcorn Costume Idea

This cute Popcorn costume took a little time, but I’m sure anyone can find a simpler way to make it work! I simply took an old dress I had, cut the bottom so it was jagged, and painted the dress red and white stripes all around. I attached a piece of felt that I had painted the words “popcorn” on, and then hot glued on a bag full of Orville Redenbaucher’s best! Be sure that when you make this costume, you keep it above table level, or you may run into the same problem I had- I woke up and found all popcorn gone and my pooch full from her midnight snack.

So another bag of movie theater butter and a glue stick later, I had my easy-peasy adorable costume. Being female, I tossed a bunch glitter on to make the holiday more worthwhile, and ta-da, cute as can be. I suggest using lots of popcorn and as limited hot glue as you can get away with, as your friends will snag some pieces just to see that it is edible.

In addition, I dressed my popcorn loving pup as a movie theater Pepsi cup (straw and all), but that is not in this pic. Maybe that would be a great way to make this a couples costume? No one gets popcorn without a refreshing beverage.