Cute Homemade Halloween Costumes: Crayon Group

This crayon group costume was by far one of my faves and was simple! Must have a sewing machine to be able to sew it around. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought just regular material then sewed the bottom and top to make it shorter. Then we printed off the crayola and copied it onto black felt, and cut it out and use a hot glue gun to glue it to the other fabric.

Be sure when you sew it to go around you that you make room to slide it on and off.  We ended up making ours a little loose then used safe pins to make it tighter but it was the most comfortable way.

Lastly we used puff paint and came up with cute names for our colors like “Pop that Pink” and “Tanked Teal” and “sideways silver” and wrote in on our sides like it would be on a real crayon! We got tons of compliments!