Cute Homemade Baby Scarecrow Costume

I decided to dress my baby up for Halloween last minute.  We had most of the items to make this baby Scarecrow costume, so it probably cost less than $5.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, but to create this costume, you need a flannel shirt, overalls, hat, tape, raffia, red lipstick, and a black eyeliner pencil.  I cut up some raffia and taped it to the inside of the sleeves in the shirt, the top of the hat, and the leg openings of the overalls.  You can notice I used masking tape in the picture.  If you attempt this costume, you may want to use clear tape so it’s not as noticeable.  Last, I used the lipstick to give my son a red triangle shaped nose and used the eyeliner to create the scarecrow mouth.

He was too young to go trick or treating, but we let him sit with us to hand out candy.  I think he looks adorable, which is great, since I made this costume just a few hours before Halloween!