Sexy Gumball Girl Costume

The first time I saw the idea for the gumball machine costume it was from this website. I originally planned to make my costume exactly like “The One and Only Sexy Gumball Machine”. However, because I am SUCH a procrastinator I was forced to make some changes- which in my opinion ended up looking awesome!!

The Top

For the top I used an old strapless bra that I found in a drawer at my mom’s house.. totally random! What was great about this strapless bra is that it had more of a bandeau shape to it (meaning that it was practically the same width across my entire chest, and did not cut down in the middle like most bras). For the “gumballs” I actually went to a craft store and found packages of 1 inch Styrofoam balls and spray painted them. This was a little tricky because the green, blue, and white spray paint were not made for that material and actually ate away at the balls making them slightly lumpy. (I suggest buying Valspar which specifically says it can be used on Styrofoam) But I didn’t have time to worry so I kept them anyways- and in the pictures you can’t tell! Also a tip for spray painting is that my mom and I strung the balls on thin jewelry wire so that we could hold them in place. The wire only makes 2 tiny holes in the balls which you can position to not show. After I had the gumballs finished I used a hot glue gun to glue them right onto the bra, and I also glued them to each other as an extra precaution. Overall the top was quite comfortable and stayed up pretty well.. I believe the Styrofoam balls are the way to go because they are lighter weight to have on your chest and they will never get sticky! Also one reason why I decided to use a bra was because it would not change shape/stretch to put on, and it didn’t need to be pulled over my head. This was one reason that I decided not to glue balls to the band of the bra.. and also because I didn’t have time! But luckily my hair covered it and so it didn’t look too bad. Another idea would be to use a colored bra instead of nude.

The Skirt

The skirt is pretty simple. I just used an old skirt that was fitted and cotton (comfortable!) and then had my roommate use red duct tape to cover the skirt while I was wearing it. This was important for me because I would not have been able to pull the skirt down with the tightness of the duct tape (I pulled it up to use the bathroom). For the sign my roommate made a foil square using a couple layers and wrote 25 cents in black sharpie which we then taped on with more red duct tape. Ps. If you are wondering where to buy red duct tape I got it from Meijer but I know JoAnn’s also had some.

Mt Crazy Night!

I ended up winning a costume contest at a local bar and was referred to as “Gumball Girl” all night! It was definitely a night to remember and the good news is that because I used Styrofoam balls I can feel safe about packing this costume away and saving it for another year :)

Sexy Gumball Girl Costume

Sexy Gumball Girl Costume

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